Rereading Lois Lowry’s „The Giver“ – Part I

I remember the english lessons as it was yesterday. Loud and clear I can hear and see Mrs Thiel standing in front of the 12th class, trying to wake up interest for this book in the tiny little brains (referring to english – more or less) of the bored and gazing human beings. I was one of a few pupils who liked the book.

What I kept in mind: Jonas, about 12 years (I think), lives with his parents and his sister (or was it a brother or a dog?) in a perfect (you could also say it is a strange) community. They don’t know crime, pain, disappointment or joy. But the Giver knows and it is time to choose a heir for all his knowledge and wisdom.

How would it be to read the book without the „must do it“ – feeling and the teacher saying: „F, summarize chapter one in two sentences!“, or asking „F, how would you characterize Jonas, why do you think he is the main character? Why is the book a novel, explain.“

Stay tuned and expect the unexpected experiences of F rereading Lois Lowry’s „The Giver“. Coming to Bücherknabbern soon.


7 Gedanken zu „Rereading Lois Lowry’s „The Giver“ – Part I

  1. Anj sagt:

    I remember the English lessons when we talked about „One flew over the cuckoo’s nest“… Because of these lessons I learned to love a book from which I didn’t understand a word when I had read it the first time… I think I was the only person who really liked it after our lessons.

    So tell us more about the Giver! If you want to go a little deeper I really would like to knwo something about symols or themes. I love to know the themes and what they’re all about of literature… mostly I get to know them during lessons and now you can teach us one.

  2. Was reißt denn hier ein? Multilingualität? Pfui…;-)

  3. Kassiopaia sagt:

    Echt ma! Geht doch wo ihr wohnt!

  4. Anj sagt:

    Wie eine Dozentin einer Frendin von mir zu Kommentaren wie diesen zu sagen pflegte: „ooooh please!!!“ *augenroll*

  5. F. Oldörp sagt:

    wenn ich das buch in englisch lese, ist es einfacher auch in englisch zu schreiben, weil ich dann nicht dauernd umdenken muss, ey!

  6. Anj sagt:

    Geht mir auch so

  7. […] Lowry’s “The Giver” – Part II Drei Jahre ist es her, dass ich dieses Buch zum ersten Mal gelesen habe. Es war Pflichtlektüre im Englischunterricht und ich habe es verschlungen. Es ist […]

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